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European EMS for OEM worldwide


ALTARIA is a Swedish-owned contract supplier of electronics manufacturing services. The company specializes in assembly of high resolution Test & Measurement, Medical, Laboratory, Synchronization & Positioning systems and devices, delivered to OEM customers worldwide.

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Established in 2007, with production facilities in Banino Poland, Altaria has thoroughly built its status of a recognized European supplier for the global OEM sector. The company’s success is founded on the highest quality and professionalism matched with flexibility and low structural costs.

We offer…

customized manufacturing services for Test & Measurement, Medical, Laboratory, Synchronization & Positioning

Each manufacturing project is delivered according to strict, simple and transparent procedures.
Every inquiry is assessed technically and matched with production capacity and current production schedules. If not determined in an inquiry, a quotation always contains a delivery time. Having accepted the offer, a customer should submit an order to orderdesk@altaria.se. The Order Confirmation (OC) is usually issued within three working days. The OC states project name, precise and binding prices and quantities, terms and conditions of manufacturing and delivery.
It is up to the customer to determine the components, all requirements and AML (Approved Manufacturers List). Altaria uses suppliers recommended by the customer and its own network of qualified suppliers, selected on the basis of quality, price, delivery time, logistics and production capacity. It allows to create optimum individual supply patterns, where every purchase is always made on the basis of offers from at least two suppliers. Altaria monitors the components’ delivery process and the suppliers undergo regular quality assessments. Before assembly, all components go through quality and quantity control. They are inspected according to AQL standard.
Every production stage is monitored and checked by engineers assigned for particular manufacturing stages or projects. The entire process falls under strict measures of internal management and control procedures implemented in accordance with standards of certified quality management systems.

Altaria is a holder of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 13485:2012

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We believe…

your business can be simpler

ALTARIA’s mission is to deliver flawless manufacturing solutions to simplify the most demanding and advanced productions processes. The OEM customers’ trust is won not only by quality standards, but also by the company’s ability to adapt to fast changing technological challenges. In order to develop, we improve keep on the cutting edge of the latest technology trends. However, ALTARIA’s concept of growth is equally focused on building the brand which stands for trust, values, team work and responsibility for the environment.

We are a team

professionalism, expertise, agility

ALTARIA’s achievements and reputation are founded on the people. Our company is not a large corporate structure, which naturally allows each member of our team to make a real and active contribution to Altaria’s functioning. The best proof their professionalism is ALTARIA’s global success and status of a brand standing for reliability and quality. Knowledge, trust, communication and agility make ALTARIA people an integrated organism able to deliver the most demanding projects.

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We care

because business is much more than money…

As a Swedish-owned company we implement the highest Scandinavian standards of sustainable development. The company’s daily functioning is determined by responsibility towards the environment (minimizing pollution and waste production).
Organization of work and production is governed by “zero accident” policy and strict adherence to Health, Security and Environment standards. Key development principles emphasize equal importance of investment in both technical innovations and human capital. We aim at offering our employees optimum working conditions and perspectives for development. We want to share with them values which ALTARIA is founded on: cooperation, community and respect for the environment. We would like to make ALTARIA a place where everyone feels free to fulfil their personal potential.