Business Scope

To create and sell innovative solutions for calibration, measurement and analysis of time & frequency related parameters. The solutions are characterized by relevant performance, fitness for application and ease-of-use

Pendulum Instruments Background


Supply centre within Philips T&M
Competence centre for time and frequency


OEM sales under other brands
Fluke, Wavetek, Tektronix


Spin-off from Philips New name
Pendulum Instruments AB


International Expansion and Sales under own brand name


Acquired by the Orolia Group and merger with Spectracom


Product ownership to Altaria Services

Product Categories


Time and Frequency Counters/Analyzers

Pendulum brand frequency counters/analyzers are well-known as industry-leading time and frequency measurement and analysis instruments.

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Time and Frequency Standards

Very precise GPS-controlled Rubidium reference clocks for various applications offering unique traceability and portability.

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Frequency Distribution

Frequency distribution via optical fiber offers an economical solution to the problem of low-noise transfer of frequency reference signals over longer distance.

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Military Forces
Telecom Operators
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